Shoppe The Duck is a home goods and lifestyle boutique that has found its home in the lobby of Rubber Ducky Car Wash.

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We aim to simplify life by making the mundane and ordinary more beautiful, exciting, and extraordinary.


Find us inside the Rubber Duck Car Wash in Boca Raton. Our boutique is located at 1400 N. Federal Hwy, Boca Raton FL, 33432

"Fun location. Wonderful experience. Unique items you can't find elsewhere. What's left to say!"
Sanra Lynn
Local Blogger

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"I walked in and I simply could not believe what I saw. This boutique takes away from the wait for a clean car and is a welcome change from the traditional air fresheners for sale."
Crystal Perez
Local Shopper

Our Culture - Our Community

Shoppe the Duck is a take on a simpler time.  Our goal is to recreate the feel of a general store.  Here you can find household items, the perfect gift you have been searching high and low for, botanical based body products and fragrances, and a little something special for you to indulge in. Oh,and there’s even a kid’s corner!  The whole family is covered.  Enjoy this unique shopping experience while the kind gentlemen out back give your car a good wash.  Gone are the days when running errands is a hassle. This one-stop shop is sure to halt you in your tracks with its carefully and thoughtfully curated items perfect for your home and loved ones. Here at Shoppe the Duck we remind you to slow down, take a breath, and enjoy the world around you.  Stop and smell the fresh cut flowers and organic candles that await you at Shoppe the Duck.  

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Errands are more fun when you infuse them with shopping pleasures!